A Major Step For a World

With Clean Water

The Biggest Challenge In 6 Million Years Of Human History...

Growing economies without killing ourselves by destroying the only Planet we've got...

How Can we help?

So close to make a huge difference!

What's done?

Filter Without Smart Nanoparticules

Filter With Smart Nanoparticules

Proof of Concept

An oil droplet in a common membrane surface (movie in the left) will always escape from it, while using these intelligent filters (movie in the right) the oil microdroplet is stacked.
The filter technologic were developed to collect the oil microdroplets underwater.

Oil Capture With The Influence Of Gravity

95% Efficiency Removing Oil Droplet At a Micro Scale

Oil Droplet Removal Efficiency at A microscale Level.

A dispersion of oil microdroplets in water was filtered through our technological cellulosic membrane, with influence of gravity. Optical microphotographies of the water/oil suspension and the histograms with the average diameter of the microdroplets dispersed in water, before and after this filtration . It is notory a decrease in the number of micron-sized oil droplets: before filtration the average diameters are in 10-30 um range and after filtration diameters are between 1-9 um range.

So close to make a huge difference!

What's next?

Real Scale Test At WasteWater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

More than 80% of oil and fats, generated In industrial facilities and every time we eat and wash our dishes are sent to the reaver as to the oceans. In fact, the technology available today in the wastewater treatment plants capture less than 20% of all hydrocarbons produced by us, humans, in our daily life.
Our aim is to install our intelligent filters at the wastewater treatment plants output to increase the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plants so day can be able to capture 95% of all oil and fats from the effluents.

clogged sewer - A cost for You and For the Planet

It Is Virtually Impossible Not to Dump Used Cooking Oils And Fats In the Sinks.
With Time, these hydrocarbons becomes a cost for the family budget and even a bigger cost for the planet. There are millions of liters of used cooking oil dump in the sinks every day and hundreds of thousands of chemicals used to unclog the pipes.
We intend to test the introduction of our intelligent filters in the sinks to be able to eliminate clogged sewers and water contamination.
Did you know that 1 liter of cooking oil lying in the sink drain, contaminates, at once, 1 million liters of water. Enough for a person's survival for forty years.

Together, we can leave our children and grandchildren a planet as good as The One our parents left us.